vrijdag 20 april 2012

Rule 3: Don't believe what you're told. Double check.

For those who know NCIS (TV series) will know where it comes from.
This week I had to make a Navision 5.0 work on Windows 7 and with SQL Server.
Ok, I succeeded but found out I had to set a traceflag,namely flag 4616,on every time I restarted the Navision or the SQL Server Enterprise Manager.
So I searched how I could set the flag all the time and found the solution adding -T4616 to the startup parameters, all went fine until yesterday when the SQL Server stopped and refused to restart.
I checked the error via the Windows Event log, searched the web and tried the solutions.

None worked, until yesterday evening I taught 'Hey, I changed the startup parameter recently'. So this morning I removed the change I made and restarted the service, success.

Now before I continued I started looking again for what could have gone wrong, and I soon found it.
The blog page about connecting Navision to SQL Server, it stated that you should add -T4616 to the startup parameters to make it work, this was wrong, it should have been ;-T4616.

SO the lesson here is when you find something on the internet, don't believe it immediately, locate a second and maybe a third source saying the same thing. Be aware though that there are a  lot of copy and paste sites out there, so check if the other sources are saying the same thing but with other words.

maandag 19 maart 2012

Did the Belgium State commit warcrimes or crimes against humanity against the Flemish people, between 1831 and 1968.

A few weeks ago I had an intresting discussion about Belgiums past. Especially about the policy the Belgium state implemented to 'adjust' the Flemish ethnic majority in the nation.

The policy, suggested by Charles Rogier in 1832, was to make all public and state run affairs French speaking/writing only. This included policeforce, civil services, hospitals, entertainement and education. The idea was that the Flemish, the dutch speaking majority of the population, should adept to the fact that they were now part of a Francophone country. (It changed the Flemish from a whealty well educated people to a poor illeterate people in just 70 years time.)

During the first world war orders to Belgium soldiers were shouted in French only, followed by: 'Et pour les Flamands la même chose'(And for the Flemish the same thing) .It is unknown how many Flemish soldiers died because of this.

Change occured during the period in between the 2 world wars, with some universities resuming lessons in Dutch.
However the Belgium state kept cracking down on the Flemish, with many pro-Flemish being arrested after the second world war and being executed for being collaborators.

In 1968 the Belgium goverment fell after 8 days of student protest, 'Leuven Vlaams', (Leuven Flemish), a call from Flemish students that the Catholic University of Leuven, the largest university should resume lessons in Dutch.

It was followed by the first Dutch translation of Belgiums constitution a year later.

Now the question is, has the Belgium state commited warcrimes or crimes against humanity by this policy.

vrijdag 2 maart 2012

EvE Online: The short lived giant that was DRF

About a year ago something odd happened in EvE Online, a new coalition was formed.
Nothing odd there, it was called the Drone Russian Federation/Forces.

It comprised of all the Russian alliances in the drone regions and in a ridiculous short time they became the power house in EvE.

Just a few months after its creation it invaded Northern Coalition territory and wiped out one of the oldest power blocks from the face of EvE.

By September of 2011,their power seemed so great that they took on non-Russian pets and confine them to small constellations doing grinding work for them.

Despite my warnings my corp mates left Providence and headed out to the Drone Lands, I have no idea what became of them as heated argument and misunderstandings let to bitter rows and insults, forcing me to leave all the com channels I still shared with them.

Off course the DRF was showing cracks already back then, and the entire concept fail cascaded soon afterwards.

So what are the biggest legacies of the DRF, well for instance the low mineral prices during 2011 the disappearance of the NC.

Other blocks will form in the future but this one for a moment felt like the Russians were going to win EvE.

vrijdag 24 februari 2012

OK back from the death

Well not really,
Sheesh a lot of things happened these past 2 months.
Been working from home since office move, at first it was yay but it soon became a damn. I found out that my home office isn't really suited for the work I do.
Got hooked on Minecraft, and bored a bit of EvE Online (although I'm returning to EvE)

So now I'm also returning to this blog.

dinsdag 17 januari 2012

I know, I haven't posted in several weeks

The reason I've been busy at work and playing Minecraft
Minecraft is even so addicting I haven't really played EvE Online in 2 weeks.

dinsdag 3 januari 2012

EvE Online: mineral price evolution duting the year 2011

The following graphs show roughly the price changes of minerals between Jan 1st 2011 and Jan 3d 2012(I know for some reason Isogen isn't viewable)

Happy new year

I wish everyone a happy 2012